Meet Joshua, our founder, who's not just your typical businessman. He's an opera singer with over a decade of experience on the stage, and he's still out there, performing on stages across Europe and beyond.

But here's the twist – Joshua loves to combine his passion for music alongside his business acumen. In fact, he's been coaching communication for clients working at Meta, Facebook, and social media influencers with large accounts since the 2020 pandemic. Fueling his passion for creativity beyond the opera stage, he also hosts a podcast with over 185,000 downloads, ranking among the top 5% worldwide.

Classical Music Socials is rooted in the belief that musicians possess a wealth of talent that extends beyond their skills as performers. It's about enabling musicians to develop skills beyond the stage, empowering them to share their music with a broader audience.

If you find yourself uncertain about the next steps in building your online brand, we're here to assist. Sometimes, the classical music industry has the reputation of lagging behind, and Classical Music Socials is here to ensure that we propel the industry into producing high-quality, engaging content fit for a 21st-century audience.